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Posted on 01-31-2018

Why You Should Get An Annual Eye Exam

It may be time to go visit your optometrist again. A yearly visit to your eye doctor is extremely important to your health. It is common for people to fear the eye doctor or an eye exam, but here are a few of the reasons why you should make an appointment today.

Woman getting an annual eye exam in Winchester.

Eyes Change with Age

Just like the rest of your body, your eyes change as you age. However, unlike much your body, you aren't really able to tell how healthy your eyes are without special tools and training. This is why a yearly eye exam is important. The eye doctor will look at the cornea, retina, and ocular nerve to make sure that you are healthy  It is possible to catch potential issues quickly enough that interventional therapies or medicine can prevent a loss of vision. This is particularly true in the adolescent who is growing very quickly. Their eyes are changing at such a rapid rate, that a yearly eye exam is absolutely critical. The same is true for older people as well. While a yearly eye exam is important for everyone, adolescents and the elderly are in critical need of regular optometrist visits.

What will the Optometrist Visit be Like?

One of the biggest reasons people avoid going to the eye doctor is fear of the appointment. An optometrist appointment is very straightforward. The eye doctor will evaluate your overall vision by covering one eye at a time and having you read off a series of letters and numbers. The eye doctor will then have you look through different lenses to help you find which lenses help you the most. Following this, the eye doctor will evaluate your eye for structural issues. To do this, the doctor will put in a few eye drops which will cause your pupils to dilate. After your pupils are sufficiently dilated, the doctor will look for any potential issues which could impact your vision.  

Get Your Eye Exam With Our Local Eye Doctor Today

For more information on an eye exam or to schedule your yearly eye exam with our optometrists in Arlington, Lexington, Winchester, or Woburn please visit winchesteroptical.net

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