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Pediatric Eye Exams in Winchester

Ensuring that your child has healthy eyes and clear vision is just one of the many things that you must do as a parent. At Winchester Optical, we help pediatric patients, so your child can get the eye care he or she needs in order to see clearly and have healthy eyes. Whether your child is just a baby or is going to school, we can help.

At Winchester Optical, we help pediatric patients, so your child can get the eye care he or she needs in order to see clearly and have healthy eyes.

Warning Signs of Poor Eye Health and Vision Trouble in Children

Being able to identify the signs of poor eye health in your child can help you know when it's time to see the Woburn optometrist. Below are some of the most common examples of vision problems and poor eye health in children:

  • Closing one eye to watch television or read

  • Complaints about tired eyes or headaches

  • Squinting and rubbing of the eyes

  • Using a finger to follow the page when reading

Younger children and babies may also display signs of eye trouble, but these signs may be less obvious. Some warning signs to look for include:

  • Grayish coloring in the center of the pupil

  • Irregular movement of the eyes

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Bulging eyes

  • Drooping eyelids

Even if your child has no symptoms of eye disease or vision trouble, your child should still see the eye doctor at least one time each year, starting at age 6 months. In addition, taking your school-aged child to the eye doctor each summer before beginning school will help ensure that your child is able to see properly while in school.

What to Expect During Your Child's Vision Exam

During your child's vision exam, we'll look for three things:

  1. Eye function. We'll check your child's eyes for proper functionality, like ability to perceive depth, colors, track moving objects and more.

  2. Vision clarity. We'll test your child's ability to see objects up close and far away. If we detect refractive error during the exam, we'll write your child a prescription for eye glasses.

  3. Eye health. We'll inspect your child's eyes for signs of eye diseases. If we detect an eye health issue, we'll make recommendations for treatment.

Benefits of Eye Exams for Kids

There are many ways that children benefit from pediatric eye exams!

  • Catch eye diseases early. Fast treatment of eye problems can reduce risk of permanent damage.

  • Success in school. Clear vision is critical for learning to read and write.

  • Behavior control. Some vision problems can lead to frustration and poor behavior in children. Having your child seen by an eye doctor will help your child get the treatment he or she needs.

Contact Your Eye Doctor in Winchester

As your Winchester and Woburn optometrist, it's our goal to help your child have clear vision and healthy eyes. To get your child seen by our Woburn eye doctor, contact Winchester Optical today for an appointment at (781) 729-4553.

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