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Hoya Digital and Progressive Lenses from Your Eye Doctor in Winchester

If you're getting glasses or contacts, you may find that ordinary lenses aren't adequate for your specific vision challenges. Perhaps you have presbyopia, a condition that requires multiple fields of correction, but you can't abide standard bifocals. If you're getting progressive lenses, maybe you need your Winchester optometrist could customize those vision fields to suit your occupation or usage habits. Here at Winchester Optical you can get such specialized lenses, brands such as Hoya.

Selecting Hoya Progressive Lenses in Winchester 

Traditional lined bifocals or trifocals include only two or three discrete fields for correcting near, intermediate and distance vision, which inevitably means you that you won't see equally well at all distances. The lines themselves can be distracting or annoying to many wearers. Last but not least, lined lenses advertise the fact that you have presbyopia, a refractive error that doesn't usually develop until middle age.

Progressive or no-line lenses solve these shortcomings. No-line lenses are exactly that -- lenses that contain multiple vision fields that all blend seamlessly in a smooth gradation from near vision to distance vision. Progressive lenses won't advertise your age to the world, but they do they eliminate those annoying lines and provide you with more accurate vision at all possible distances. Our Winchester optometrist can write the necessary prescription for progressive lenses. Our optical team will mark the position of your pupils within the frames you select to ensure that your no-line lenses offer the proper vision correction as you glance upward, downward or straight ahead.

Digital Lenses for Customized Needs

Digital lenses take progressive vision correction a step further. Standard progressive lenses are fabricated to a pre-set template that suits many wearers just fine. But if you prefer, say, a larger intermediate field and smaller distance field, or if your occupation requires the fields to be placed in different positions on the lens, you can ask your Winchester optometrist for digital progressive lenses. These lenses are custom-cut to match your eye position, frame shape, face shape and specific preferences exactly, thanks to advanced digital surfacing techniques. 

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Ask Your Winchester Eye Doctor for Hoya Digital or No-Line Lenses

If you've been looking for an eye doctor in Winchester who can provide you with advanced lens technologies from brands like Hoya, your search is over. Our eye doctor can fit you for progressive contacts as well as progressive eyeglasses for the ultimate in convenience -- but first we'll need to make sure your vision prescription is up to date. Call (781) 729-4553 to set up an appointment with our Optometrist in Winchester, Dr. Deering.

Below, we have provided website links to find the best lens for you. Visit these sites and let our Optician’s know which lens you prefer at your next visit. 

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