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Vision Therapy From Your Eye Doctor in Winchester

For many people struggling with common vision problems such as refractive errors, crystal-clear vision may be just a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses away. But some individuals have eye function issues that require other means of treatment. The eyes and the brain must work together in perfect harmony to create normal, useful vision. Here at Winchester Optical, your eye doctor in Winchester is happy to help you or your loved ones overcome eye function issues through a form of care known as vision therapy.

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What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a set of treatment modalities aimed at normalizing the way your eyes and brain communicate with each other. This may be a necessary response to a variety of problems, some of which can make their first appearance in early childhood. Babies aren't actually born with the ability to see clearly; instead, they must develop this ability through daily learning and experience. If a functional abnormality interferes with this process, long-term vision problems may result. Examples of eye function errors and issues include:

  • Strabismus - An abnormal alignment in which the eyes appear to point inward, outward, or at different vertical orientations to each other
  • Amblyopia ("lazy eye") - An issue in which the brain rejects the information from one eye in favor of the other eye, causing loss of depth perception
  • Convergence insufficiency - Trouble focusing on close-up objects, or adjusting focus between different distance ranges, without strain and fatigue
  • Tracking and teaming errors - Problems that prevent the eyes from following a moving object in unison
  • Adults can also experience functional errors in their vision, especially following a head trauma, stroke, or other neurological crisis.

How Vision Therapy Works

Your eye doctor in Winchester can determine whether vision therapy is needed by checking eye function in the course of a comprehensive eye exam. (This is one reason pediatric eye exams are so critical for ensuring normal vision development in childhood.) If an eye function error is found, we can recommend specific therapies aimed to re-training the eyes and brain to adopt healthier vision habits, resulting in clearer eyesight. A personalized vision therapy program may include:

  • "Pencil push-ups" and other exercises for improving near-focus abilities
  • Games and exercises that help improve eye tracking skills
  • Eye patching or vision-limiting eye drops, forcing the brain to rely on information from the "lazy" eye
  • Prism lenses that encourage more normal eye alignment in strabismus cases

In some instances, eyeglasses or contacts can actually correct for eye function errors.

Having Vision Problems? Contact Your Optometrist at Winchester Optical

The earlier a functional vision problem is diagnosed, the more easily and completely it can be treated. If any member of your family is experiencing vision problems, take action today to find out what's wrong and whether vision therapy may hold the key to correcting the problem. Make an appointment with your family optometrist at Winchester Optical by calling (781) 729-4553!

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