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Hard-to-Fit Contacts from our Winchester Optician

hard-to-fit contact lenses form our Winchester optometrists

Winchester Optical, Inc. wants you to know that hard-to-fit eyes don't have to keep you from wearing contacts. We know that some eye conditions can make successfully wearing contacts frustrating. John Deering, LDO, FCLSA specializes in finding the right type of contacts to cater to your vision needs.

Reasons for Needing Specialized Hard-to-fit Contacts


Sometimes astigmatism can be corrected with standard gas permeable contact lenses. However, toric contacts are often needed to correct more serious forms of astigmatism.

Dry Eyes

Special soft contacts have been designed for people with dry eyes. They retain moisture better than standard contacts providing the wearing long lasting comfort not received from normal contact lenses.


Presbyopia is farsightedness that occurs typically in middle and older aged patients.


GPC is a form of pink-eye or conjunctivitis characterized by inflammation on the inner eyelid surface. Standard contact lenses may worsen the condition.


Glasses are often not the best solution for improving vision for those with keratoconus. Contacts specially designed for this condition improve vision by offering a uniform, smooth surface.

Types of Hard-to-Fit Contacts Lenses:

  • Gas permeable contact lenses - for mild to moderate cases of keratoconus or GPC
  • Piggybacking contact lenses - While gas permeable contacts offer excellent vision for a person with keratoconus, some patients find them uncomfortable. In this technique, a soft contact lens is worn under the more rigid gas permeable lens to act as a cushion and eliminate any discomfort caused by the GP lens
  • Scleral lenses - rest on the white of the eye (sclera) and sometimes provide a more stable fit
  • Hybrid contacts - have a special design that vaults over an irregularly shaped cornea. Hybrid lenses are also used to correct astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness
  • Special soft contacts - have a larger diameter and a higher water content than standard soft lenses

Contact Lens Exams

During your contact lens exam, our optician can determine if you have a condition that may require hard-to-fit contacts. The contact lens exam includes a normal vision exam, but will also involve your optician taking precise measurements of your eye and performing additional tests to determine your suitability for contact lenses.

Contact Winchester Optical, Inc. for Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

Have you previously been told that your eye condition may make it difficult for you to wear contact lenses? Our experienced Winchester optician, John Deering, can work with you to determine if hard-to-fit contacts may be the solution. Give us a call at (781) 729 - 4553 to schedule a contact lens exam at Winchester Optical, Inc.

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