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Eye and Vision Exams at With Your Local Optometrist At Winchester Optical

You only get one pair of eyes in your life -- so taking the best possible care of them is an absolute must. Fortunately, the most important step in ensuring a lifetime of optimal eyesight is also a very easy one: undergoing regular eye and vision exams at Winchester Optical. Our Winchester optometrist, Joseph P. Deering, is more than happy to check your eyes for any issues that might need correcting.

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A Critical Aspect of Eye Care for All Ages

Eye exams are equally important for babies, school-aged kids, working adults, and senior citizens. A child's visual development can be delayed or reduced by untreated vision problems, while adult eyes can develop a variety of issues, from refractive errors to computer vision syndrome, which may require care. Seniors are at special risk for eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Regular eye exams allow our optometry center to catch and treat any issues that might turn into serious problems later. Some diseases do irreversible damage even before they start displaying symptoms, while refractive errors may sneak up on you so gradually that you don’t notice your visual impairment. It pays to get your eyes professionally checked by our optometrist on a regular basis.

What to Expect From Our Eye Exam Techniques

Our optometry center will take the time to evaluate every aspect of your eye function, ocular health, and visual acuity. Our optometrist will ask you about any vision issues you might have noticed lately. In addition to slit lamp testing, tonometry, and other diagnostic techniques, our optometry center is the only one in the area to offer advanced RHA retinal scanning, using digital imaging methods to get a detailed look at the inside of the eye.

Eye function testing is another important part of your eye exam. We can check your eyes' performance in terms of tracking and teaming, color and depth perception, visual field width, and visual processing speed.

Vision testing enables us to diagnose vision problems such as presbyopia, astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia. As we check your vision (with the aid of an eye chart), we can also calculate your ideal corrective prescription for corrective lenses. We carry a wide range of eyeglasses to suit every style and face. We can also fit you for contacts once we've administered a separate contact lens exam.

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Make a point of booking eye exams in advance so you won’t have to wait during our busiest times. Call 781-209-6035 to schedule your next exam with our Winchester eye doctor!

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