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How Your Eye Doctor in Winchester Treats Dry Eyes

There are a number of issues that can cause and exacerbate dry eyes according to our optometrist in Winchester MA. Allergies and exposure to environmental factors such as drafts, wind and cigarette smoke are common culprits. Hormonal changes due to aging can also play a role in causing dry eye. Surprisingly, our eye doctor believes that the number one cause of dry eyes today is sourced by spending hours at a computer screen with poor blink rates. However, there are certain ocular disorders that can also cause the eyes to be excessively dry. With a comprehensive eye exam with our optometrist at Winchester Optical, we can help determine the source of your dry eyes and offer treatment options.

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Common Symptoms and Side Effects of Dry Eyes

You likely have other symptoms that are caused by your dry eye condition. Some patients report that they feel like they have grit in their eye or have a stinging or burning sensation. Certain dry eye sufferers also have eye redness, reflex tearing and/or discharge seeping from the eye corners. Light sensitivity and tired eye are also common side effects that make daily life challenging. This is why it’s so pertinent that you see a Winchester eye doctor right away to learn about your treatment options.

The Importance of Seeking Dry Eye Treatment in Winchester MA

Dry eyes can impact your vision negatively and can make tasks such as driving, reading, watching television, using your computer or wearing contact lenses difficult. Determining the cause of your dry eye condition allows our optometrist to rule out any serious medical conditions that could ultimately lead to vision loss or damage to the surface of the eyes. Once we have a diagnosis, our eye doctor in Winchester will discuss treatments that can help your particular situation.

Dry Eye Treatment Options

For many cases, a simple over-the-counter or prescription eye drop solution is ample to treat dry eyes. However, not all patients respond to this treatment and additional steps must be taken to conserve tears. Our optometrist can perform an in-office procedure involving inserting a tiny plug that can permanently or temporarily block tear ducts. We can also attempt to treat any ocular or eyelid inflammation with ointments, lid massage and warm compresses that can help alleviate dry eye. Your doctor may also recommend lifestyle changes such as drinking more water, spending less time in front of LED screens or advise you to blink more often.

Offering Eye Care in the Melrose and Woburn Area

Contact Winchester Optical today at (781) 729-4553 today to schedule a consultation concerning your dry eyes. We have been proudly providing premier vision care for residents of Winchester, Woburn, Melrose and the surrounding communities since 1958. Come in and see us today, so you can see clearly for a lifetime to come!

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