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Vision Therapy in Winchester

If you have crossed eyes, amblyopia ("lazy eye"), eye strain, or a disorder that affects your focus or eye movement, your eye doctor in Winchester may recommend vision therapy. At Winchester Optical, we harness the benefits of vision therapy to help our patients improve a variety of conditions and vision problems.

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Benefits of Vision Therapy From Winchester Optical 

Vision therapy is a long-term, non-invasive treatment method for vision problems that can't be fixed with corrective eyewear alone. It actually targets the brain in addition to the eyes, with exercises meant to retrain the way you process visual information, focus, and move the muscles in your eyes. Vision therapy is a life-changing solution for patients with double vision, crossed eyes, and learning disabilities related to vision.

At Winchester Optical, we use vision therapy techniques to help patients re-learn and re-interpret what they see. Vision therapy may be customized to correct developmental deficiencies, teach visual "skills" such as focusing and reading, or improve hand-eye coordination. It may or may not rely on special equipment such as prism lenses, sensory integration devices, or computer software.

We believe there's no such thing as an untreatable vision problem, and if you have a condition that affects your daily life, you deserve a solution. Vision therapy techniques can achieve results that corrective eyewear and medications cannot, and we encourage you to find out if it's right for you.

Our Vision Therapy Techniques

Of course, it's important to know what to expect from your therapeutic treatments. Essentially, vision therapy is a painless and non-invasive solution for a variety of vision conditions. At Winchester Optical, we've helped patients correct their vision and transform their lives for three generations, and we're proud to continue the tradition with a variety of effective vision therapy techniques.

We may use advanced corneal topography equipment to map the surfaces of your eyes, or perform computerized vision tests to analyze your ability to focus on near and far objects. If we detect a vision condition that could benefit from vision therapy, our optometry team will customize a regimen to retrain your eyes and brain over time.

Some of our vision therapy techniques in Winchester include:

  • Identifying images to improve communication between the eyes and brain

  • Sports vision therapy to improve focus and decrease eye strain during athletic activities

  • Integrated exercises with eye patches to train lazy eyes

  • Eye exercises with prism lenses to improve eye turn or alignment

Schedule Vision Therapy in Winchester

At Winchester Optical, we usually recommend one or two weekly vision therapy sessions that last up to an hour each. Because vision therapy relies on small, gradual changes as your brain and muscles adjust, it's important to keep up with your recommended vision therapy schedule and follow up with any at-home exercises or corrective lenses that are integrated into your treatments with our eye doctors.

Call (781) 729-4553 to schedule your first appointment for vision therapy at Winchester Optical.  

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